Refuse Services and Information


Waste Management (WM) will collect any items listed below with your weekly refuse collection.  It is advised that residents call Waste Management Customer Service at     1-800-866-4460 prior to placing any of the larger items/appliances out for collection. The call would not be to schedule a pickup but more of a courtesy call to give them a heads up that you are placing a large item at the curb.

Bulk Waste Items:
Items such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, chairs, tables, armoires, chests, headboards, couches, mattresses, hutches, dressers, picnic table or bench (unattached), interior doors, garage door opener assembly, basketball backboard (separate from pole) or basketball pole (in sections of no more than 5' in length), swing sets (unassembled), 4 or more individually cut and tied bundles of carpeting each measuring no more than 4 feet in length, and weighing no more than 40 lbs.  It shall not include construction debris, hazardous waste or unstable matter with weights and volumes greater than those allowed for containers.

Solid Waste:
Solid waste includes all garbage, refuse, rubbish, and ashes, including, but not limited to, all table and kitchen offals and waste, containers, broken dishes, and chinaware, together with all paper containers in which such materials may be wrapped.  The term rubbish, refuse and ashes shall consist of any and all items normally found around the household, and shall include, but not be limited to, all items of furniture, all household appliances (with Freon removed and certificate attached), water heaters/softeners, furnaces, plumbing and lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and general household hardware and fixtures that are not being disposed of as part of a remodeling, construction, or demolition process.   Grass can be placed in black trash bags and placed out at curbside for refuse collection. 

The Contractor is not required to pick up remodeling and construction materials over 2 cubic yards in quantity, paving material, cement, stones, sand, dirt, broken concrete, concrete wash tubs, automobile parts, paint (in liquid form), flammable liquids, metal 55-gallon drums, or metal grease drums.  


If your weekly refuse or recycling was not collected on your scheduled day, you should call WM Customer Service at 1-800-866-4460 to report it.  The initial call should be placed by you so your account can be noted with the missed collection.  If your items are not collected later that day or the next day, you should give Donna Platt a call so she is aware of the missed collection and will work to get this issue resolved.   

Trash can sizes should have a capacity of greater than twenty (20) gallons but not greater than forty (40) gallons constructed of plastic, metal or fiberglass having handles of adequate strength for lifting.  The weight of the container and its contents should not exceed sixty (60) pounds.

Sticker program customers who need to place bulk items out for collection, that cannot be placed in garbage bags/cans must contact Waste Management. A fee will be charged for any bulk item collected.