Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

 Please remember boxes must be flattened.

  Boxes are being placed in the containers without being broken down taking up much more room therefore restricting the amount of material that the containers can actually hold. 

There are two 25 yard roll off containers located in the lower side parking lot for corrugated cardboard.   These containers provide access on both sides through three access doors (see photo below).  The containers are for corrugated cardboard only. All cardboard must be dry, flattened and have no food contamination (such as pizza boxes) before being placed in the container.  Please make sure the access doors are closed upon leaving.  Trash, plastic bags or any other type of recycling is prohibited.  Following the rules posted at the containers will eliminate  contamination causing the entire container to be disposed of as trash.    


When using these cardboard dumpsters, the following rules must be followed.

  • ONLY corrugated cardboard that is clean and dry can be placed in these dumpsters.
  • ALL boxes must be broken down and inserted through the slot.
  • DO NOT leave any cardboard/boxes on the ground around and/or leaning on the  dumpsters.
  • DO NOT leave any household recycling outside the dumpsters in bags or otherwise. Any household recycling material will be considered trash.
  • DO NOT place pizza boxes, paper, cereal/food, Kleenex or similar boxes, junk mail, magazines or shredded paper, loose or bagged in these dumpsters.
  • DO NOT place any type of packing material or plastic in or around the dumpsters.
  • DO NOT place garbage in or around the dumpsters.

This area is under video surveillance.
Violators will be prosecuted.