Glass Recycling


Glass recycling is here at Franklin Park Borough!  Together with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) a glass recycling bin has been placed in the parking area in the rear of the municipal building.   The self-serve drop off is available daily from 8:00 am – sundown.  Please follow all posted rules and drop off hours.   

  • This bin is for approved glass material only
  • You must clean up glass that breaks outside the bin
  • When using the bin be cautious of other cars and pedestrians that utilize this area 

The Municipal Building has residential neighbors so please be courteous and refrain from utilizing the bin during hours that would disturb our neighbors.

This is a 6-month pilot program.  If all goes well and no issues arise, we hope to make this a permanent drop-off site for the residents of Franklin Park.  Many residents showed an overwhelming concern that there was no outlet for the proper disposal of glass material.  Franklin Park is happy to be pro-active in providing recycling options that are not available curb side to our residents and surrounding communities.

 If you have any questions regarding the new drop-off site for glass please contact Donna Platt at 412-364-4115, Ext. 302 or by email at  

 Click the link to view the PRC's Glass Recycling Drop-off Site flyer for Franklin Park.
 Click the link to view the PRC's Glass Recycling Collection Guide.


Many communities have lost access to glass collection services in their curbside recycling programs, but glass is still a highly valuable and recyclable commodity. Therefore, the Pennsylvania Resource Council (PRC) started a Traveling Glass Bin program – a week-long, rotating self-serve collection!  For complete information and scheduled events on glass recycling visit the PRC - Glass Recycling event page.

Glass Recycling Guide

Want to be prepared when you visit a glass-only recycling drop-off site? Use the guide below for what is and is not accepted.

Place GLASS ONLY in collection bin

  • No need to separate colors
  • Leave lids/labels on


  • JARS
  • JUGS

Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.

NOT accepted materials:  cut glass * glass bakeware * mirrors * porcelain and ceramics * stemware * window glass * light bulbs * televisions

Click the link to view the PRC’s Glass Recycling Collection Guide.