Digital Sign Advertising Information

Digital Sign


The Borough maintains a digital sign at the intersection of Route 910 and Brandt School Road at the Franklin Village shopping plaza.  Events that Franklin Park and other communities jointly administer can be advertised on the municipal bulletin board sign at no cost.  Organizations such as the McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority can place ads (on a limited basis) at no cost.  Such ads can be used to promote annual fundraising drives by the Volunteer Fire Company, Library Authority, Ambulance Authority, etc. Borough related agencies are also eligible to promote other activities related to their mission.  Only entities created by, or sponsored by, the Borough are eligible to advertise at no cost.

Only two categories of ads will be permitted:

Category #1:   This category consists of governmental entity ads.  Entities related to or created by Franklin Park Borough qualify as governmental entities.

Category # 2:  This category consists of for profit businesses.  For profit business may only place ads on the bulletin board that are directly related to their profit motive.  Only businesses within a three-mile radius of the borough will be permitted to advertise on this sign.     

All ads must be of such a nature that they will not offend, in any manner whatsoever, the average citizen of the borough.  Franklin Park Borough reserves the right to reject any ad that is not in keeping with this policy.

The Borough objective in pricing the advertising packages for the bulletin board Sign is to recoup the expenses associated with the sign.  For this reason, businesses that utilize the sign for advertisement are encouraged to participate in and make donations to other borough activities and events.

  • Ads must be submitted seven (7) calendar days before they are scheduled to run.
  • Current advertisers will be given priority to renew their contract before new customers are solicited.
  • Businesses may purchase more than one ad time slot.
  • Political ads will not be permitted.
  • All ads must be reviewed and approved by the borough manager or his designee.

 How to Advertise

If your company is interested in advertising on the digital sign please download the following forms and submit them to the borough for review.  The completed form can be submitted by email to  Feel free to call the Borough Offices at 412-364-4115, Ext. 302 with any questions you may concerning advertising on the sign.