Important Information

Real Estate Check List

When paying taxes, especially when choosing to pay close to deadlines, it is imperative to make sure:

  1. Check is NOT post-dated.
  2. Check is signed.
  3. Amount paid is correct and located in the TOTAL DUE BOX.  For the school district this means including the per capita amount.
  4. Written or legal description is correct.

Failure to provide any of the above could result in the payment being returned and loosing either the discount or face amount.

Useful Facts

  • The Real Estate Tax Collector cannot accept post date checks.
  • The Real Estate Tax Collector does not determine the "Full Market Value" of your property. Contact Allegheny County Assessment Department at 412-350-4600 with any questions.
  • If you have refinanced your mortgage and have an escrow account with a different bank or mortgage company, please notify the Tax Office so your tax statements can be redirected.
  • If you do not have an escrow account, as the homeowner you are responsible for paying the real estate taxes.
  • If you do not receive a tax bill, you are responsible for calling or stopping into the tax office and obtaining one. Failure to receive a tax notice doe not relieve any taxpayer from liability for prompt payment of taxes.
  • If the billing address for your real estate tax bill has changed after January 1 of this year, due to refinancing, no or paid off escrow, etc., please notify the tax office of the change.
  • Residents are also encouraged to use the convenient drop-box located on the left side of our Borough Building (a receipt will be sent). If you mail your payment and wish a receipt, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope