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Yard Waste Site Application

  1. Yard Waste Header
  2. License plate number(s) of the vehicle(s) you will be using to haul yard waste to the drop off site:
  3. Note: If it is not a plate registered in Pennsylvania, please indicate State.
  4. The permit will be for yard waste, such as leaves and weeds, and brush/tree trimmings from the above address only. This site is for residential disposal only, commercial use is prohibited. The Yard Waste Drop Off site is in Blueberry Hill Park and is open March 1st to December 1st of each year. An application must be completed annually to receive a permit for the current year. The permit will be for the address listed on the permit only.
  5. The drop off site is to only be used for items such as tree or brush trimmings, leaves (placed in brown biodegradable bags only) and weeds. Disposal of entire trees is prohibited. The same restrictions apply to both curbside brush chipping and the drop off site; only trimmings that are up to 4” in diameter can be accepted. The borough also asks that you please utilize the April and November curbside brush chipping and leaf collection whenever possible (see our website and the spring or fall newsletter for dates).
  6. **IMPORTANT** The following materials are not permitted to be placed at the Yard Waste Drop Off Site: grass clippings, tree or brush trimmings larger than 4” in diameter, garbage, stumps, logs, asphalt, concrete, dirt, mulch, clay, stone, construction materials or anything that won’t degrade. Under no circumstances should anything be left in plastic bags. Placing yard waste in any dumpster or other areas of the park is strictly prohibited.
  7. Please call me at 412-364-4115 Ext. 301 or email with any questions.
  8. I, the above identified, understand and agree to the requirements stated above. *
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