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Borough Services

  1. Application for Solicitation Permit

    Application for companies to apply for a permit to solicit in Franklin Park Borough.

  2. Homeowners Association Contact Information Form

    This form is for HOAs to provide the borough with their contact information.

  3. Renter Information Form

    This form is used for property owners to provide renter/occupant information to the borough.

  4. Snow Angel Volunteer Form

    To register to be volunteer for snow removal.

  5. Unsubscribe from No Solicitation List

    This form is for residents to remove their address from our No Solicitation List.

  1. Board-Commission Application

    Form required for anyone applying for a board or commission.

  2. Remarkable Tree Nomination form

    To nominate a remarkable tree within Franklin Park Borough.

  3. Snow Angel Request Form

    To register for assistance with snow removal.

  4. Subscribe to No Solicitation List

    This form is for residents to sign up to be on our No Solicitation List.

  5. Yard Waste Application

    Application for residents to use the Yard Waste Sites

Building and Zoning

  1. Field Inspection Report

    This field inspection report is designed for inspectors to use internally

  1. NOV Investigation Report

    This NOV form is to be used by a codes official when investigating a complaint, use by any other party is prohibited.

Fire Official

  1. 2018 Fire Safety Inspection Worksheet

    This form is used when performing the Annual Commercial Fire Inspection, but the fire inspection is not limited to the contents of this... More…

  2. Recreational Burn Permit Application

    This form is used by residents of Franklin Park Borough to request a private recreational fire permit as required by Borough Code. ... More…

  1. Recreational Burn Notification Form

    This form is used by residents who purchase an Annual Burning Permit for recreational open burning. The form MUST be completed and... More…

  2. Recreational Fire Pit Inspection Form

    This form is used by the Franklin Park Fire Official when performing an inspection for a recreational fire pit


  1. Historical Account Submission

    This form is to provide a method for individuals to submit historical accounts and images to enhance our documented history.