Council / Manager

Franklin Park operates under the Council / Manager form of government. Under this system, Borough Council is the legislative and policy-making body. The Mayor has direct operational responsibility for the Police Department. Council approves the police department budget, staffing and expenditures. The Manager is the administrative officer of the Borough. The Council acts as a board of directors to establish policy and give directives to the Manager. With the exception of the police, the Manager is in charge of all Borough employees and administers the affairs of the Borough.

Borough Organizational Chart


The organization of Borough forces is divided into various departments: 


Since Franklin Park is a growing community the workload of each department has steadily increased and will likely continue to do so in the future. To deal with the increased workload, the borough relies on automation, technology and equipment to increase productivity.  As a result, training becomes more important in such an environment.  It is the policy of the Borough to encourage such training within the limitations of the budget and work schedule. 

Importance of Excellent Employees

Borough Council believes municipal services can be provided most effectively and economically by employees who are chosen on the basis of merit, treated fairly, provided good working conditions and modern equipment, are well-trained and who are assured their job security will depend on job performance and nothing else. ln return, the Borough expects loyalty and a high degree of productivity from the employees.

Additional Professionals

In addition to its employees, Borough Council can draw on the expertise of other appointed professionals such as Solicitor, Engineer and Tax Collector.