Building, Zoning and Fire Official

Franklin Park Borough has engaged in the practice of zoning since 1952. The Borough’s Zoning Map and Ordinance direct the overall distribution and character of land uses. The zoning ordinance has directed the scale, density and character of development within the Borough. 

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map (PDF) is divided into seven zoning districts: four residential districts and three mixed-use districts. A brief description of these zones is in the following information:

  • R-1, R-2 - Single Family Residential: Combines the preservation of natural features and resources with low-intensity residential development suited to the natural conditions and rural character of portions of the Borough.
  • R-3, R-4 - Multifamily Residential: Provides a wide range of higher-intensity residential development in portions of the municipality with convenient and adequate access to the commercial and light industrial used and major transportation thoroughfares.
  • M-1 - Mixed use Residential / Commercial: Allows a mixture of low intensity commercial and residential uses to reflect the existing small town character and associated land use patterns.
  • M-2 - Mixed Use Residential / Commercial / Light Industrial District: Provides land area for high intensity residential development (up to twenty-four dwellings per gross acre) and commercial and light industrial uses adjacent to an interstate interchange. This would allow quick access to the region’s transportation network.
  • M-3 - Mixed Use Residential / Commercial/Light Industrial District: Provides for mobile home park developments (at six dwelling units per gross acre) and commercial and light industrial uses which combine indoor and outdoor storage and activity.

A complete listing with descriptions, lot sizes and variations between uses and specific development standards can be found in the Borough Code.

Use of signs

One of the most common zoning violations we encounter involves illegal placement of signs.  A Residents Guide To Signs In The Borough Of Franklin Park is provided to help understand the two most common violations, and give you information on how to find the zoning codes that apply to signs.  This document and a copy of your property survey showing the edge of the public right-of-way bordering your property will help residents avoid enforcement action.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the zoning of a piece of property in Franklin Park Borough, please call the Building and Zoning Department at 412-364-4115.