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Application for Solicitation Permit

  1. Solicitation Permit Header
  2. Complete the application below and be sure to answer all required questions. All statements are subject to verification, and incorrect statements will bar you from obtaining a permit or will constitute grounds for later cancellation of the permit. It is required that you submit two (2) clear color photographs (1”x 1” head & shoulder view), a Photo ID and an original criminal record check (see requirements stated below) with this application.
  4. Specify the dates and hours when solicitation will be conducted.
  5. Dates:
  6. Hours:
  8. Emergency Contact:
  9. Driver's License Information:
  10. Information regarding the vehicle you will be using while in the Borough:
  11. What three (3) persons, other than relatives and former employers may the Borough contact for information about your character and personality?
  12. Reference #1
  13. Reference #2
  14. Reference #3
  15. Have you ever been arrested, indicted, convicted, placed on probation, or required to pay a fine of more the $25.00?
  16. Requirements for all permits:
  17. Photos must have a solid single-color background, no hats can be worn, and no group photos are accepted. If the submitted photos are not as requested, they will not be accepted.
  18. A clear legible color copy must be submitted. Valid State Driver’s License or ID containing applicants’ photo and address
  19. Residents of PA exclusively since age 18 – Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check only **********OR*********** Residents of another state since age 18 – Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) – FBI Report
  20. Additional requirement for Transient Retail Business Permits
  21. I certify that there are no willful misrepresentations in or falsifications of the above statements and answers to questions. I am aware that any falsehoods or misrepresentations will bar me from obtaining a permit or constitute grounds for later cancellation of the permit.*
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